Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kelvin electrostatic generator generates static from water

I have been told of a simple apparatus that can generate an electrical potential out of drops of water. Can you give me any guidance as to where I can find details of the construction and the underlying science. I am told that it is called a storm in a teacup.

You may be thinking of the Kelvin electrostatic generator. This takes water from one container and drops it inoto two others. There is a system of loops and wires connected to the "output" cans which feeds back voltages to the input, resulting in the output cans charging to a high positive and negative voltages respectively
If you search on google you will find other references.

Can rubbing the contacts damage a DIMM module?

A friend told me to clean the finger contacs of a DIMM memory module with an eraser :))).. I told him don't do it that way because you will get esd damage.... am I wrong????

To be honest, I don't know the answer to this. I think the main thing is that you should wear a wrist strap to ground your body while handling the module. If you are not doing this the risk is far greater that ESD from your body will damage the module.

If you are wearing a grounded wrist strap while handling the board, and working on a grounded work surface (if you are using a work surface), then I think the ESD risk from static generation as you rub the contacts is probably small.
There must be a better way to clean the contacts, but I don't know it.