Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shocks in winter

As a baby i would give my mother shocks when she picked me up, and if i touched a car and someone was leaning against it they would receive a small shock too. I am now 40yrs old and have had many many static shock free years but at xmas it returned with a vengeance. The shocks i receive closing my car door cause a heavy sensation in the muscle of my arm, sometimes elbow down, sometimes into the upper arm and the pain can last for up to 8hrs... this now extends to receiving shocks from payment machines in car parks, from my allow wheels when checking tyre pressure, from light switches in my cottage, from my lamp. It sounds over dramatic and daft, i know, but it is really getting me down now and i have a certain amount of trepidation about touching some items that cannot be avoided - let alone the shocks i give from time to time to fellow colleagues. Brushing my hair is a theatrical act in itself.

Have you read my on-line article ? Most shocks of this type are due to the person becoming charged up with static electricity because of the materials of their shoes, floor material and furnishing materials. This often becomes worse in winter due to dry air conditions.

It's hard to say what can help in any particular case without investigation of the particular case. Sometimes choosing different types of shoes can help. Unfortunately the real cure may be in changing floor or furniture materials which is often not practical or expensive.

These problems often become less or disappear in spring when the weather becomes warmer and damper.