Thursday, August 09, 2007

Using ESD gloves

Why should I have to use ESD gloves if we are using wrist bands? How can the ESD gloves help us? How can I explain to the people the importance of using esd gloves?

There may be various reasons for wearing ESD gloves. The wrist band grounds your body and prevents it acting as an ESD source. If you are not wearing gloves, anything you hold ( or boards) are grounded through your body. If you wear non-ESD gloves this grounding is prevented - the tool or other item held in the hand could become charged and be an ESD source. So if you need to wear gloves when handling ESD sensitive components in an EPA, the gloves should be ESD gloves.


Static Doctor said...

(Posted by Static Doctor on behalf of Michel Duban)

I see an other advantage to use ESD gloves :
The ESD gloves introduice an equivalent to a resistor between ESD sensitive components (ESDS) and your Hand.

If your connection to ground is not perfect, or your flooring system is not good or if the ESDS is charged, the resistance of gloves increase the decay time. Gloves limit the power dissipate in the components. So the components protection is better.
W = P * t or U * I * t
P = W / t

If t increases, P decreases

W is energy stored before ESD on people or on components..
P is the power dissipated during discharge.
t is decay time.

Anonymous said...

Having the right tools for the right job is very important, especially something as fragile as electronics. Using ESD gloves for protection or getting a measurement with a Resistivity Meter. Each plays its part.

nhel said...

is there any disadvantage of using esd gloves?

nhel said...

is there any significant effect of wearing an ESD gloves on already protected area? will there also be an effect if we will no longer use ESD gloves on EPA?