Monday, January 19, 2009

ESD damage to motherboard?

I have a computer motherboard and I plugged it in a week ago and plugged it back in 2 days ago and now I got power but no video, no keyboard/ mouse, or hard drive activity and I'm told it is do to static build up how do I get rid of it?

If you have already damaged a board through electrostatic discharge (ESD) the damage can be permanent. This is why it is important to prevent static building up on your body while you are hndling the components in the first place.

The usual method is to wear an ESD wrist strap. When replacing a board, disconnect the computer from the mains and connect your wrist strap cord to the computer chassis. Don't take the board out of its packaging until you are ready to plug it in, and don't place it on any ordinary surface. Whilst attached to the computer via the wrist band, take the board out of its packaging and plug it in. Do not touch any of the ESD sensitive parts of the computer unless you are "grounded" to it via the wrist strap.

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